H. Armağan Çıtak
He was born in İzmir on 18.11.1985.
He grew up in Kuşadası.
He studied at Kuşadası 7 Eylül Primary School and Kuşadası DMG Anatolian High School.
He is a graduate of Uludag University, Faculty of Education ELT dept.
He has worked as a waiter, head waiter, barman, supervisor, asst. manager, salesman, asst. sales manager, Taxi driver, translator, rep, instructor, author and teacher since 1996 at Opus Apart Hotel, Holiday Souvenir, Toys "R" Us, Paşa Taxi, Efe Watches, Smart Play, Smart Express,
Speed Park, TED Bursa CollegeTED Ege College .....

He has attended Language and CISV camps in England, France and Norway  as a delegation leader...

He has written  TEDdy's Ready Course Book Series! and Tickly Giggly! Maths&Science Course Book Series.
He has written songs for children,
He has shot video clips for students,
He has made educational animations for kids.

He is working at Terakki Foundation Schools Levent Campus as an English Teacher in İstanbul. 
He is making animations, creating educational materials, and looking for business opportunities in publishing, education and tourism.